MS Golf Experience

Terry's Closet

How The Terry Rossman Durable Medical Equipment Closet was established.

About Terry’s Closet:

The National MS Society would like to thank the MSGolfexperience for their passion and commitment to this golf event and for creating such an amazing way to honor Terry’s memory.

As you may know the funds raised at this event support a very special project at the National MS Society called Terry’s Closet. Last year the MSGolfexperience raised nearly $10,000 for this financial assistance program. This money will help at least 20 families purchase the equipment that they need.

At the National MS Society, we are committed to helping Northern Californians address the challenges of living with MS. We provide a variety of programs, services and information for people living with multiple sclerosis, their friends and families, and health care professionals but none are as impactful as our financial assistance program and specifically Terry’s Closet.

Multiple sclerosis creates a range of challenges that can result in short-term financial crises, difficulty obtaining critical equipment and home or auto modifications, and diminished capacity to pay for MS related needs. The National MS Society’s Financial Assistance Program and Terry’s Closet offers guidance, leverage and resources to help minimize the financial impact of MS.

This program was developed to bring meaningful financial assistance to as many people living with MS as possible, with emphasis on helping people maintain their independence, safety, health and quality of life.

Terry passed away in 2007, but her dream and legacy live on to rid the world of MS and improve the quality of life for those impacted by this debilitating disease.

She was always willing to help someone and had a smile on her face. And she continues to do so. Terry’s Closet helps to provide assistance for the cost of durable medical equipment for people living with MS who cannot afford the insurance co-payments on prescribed equipment or do not have insurance that covers their durable medical equipment needs.

I’d like to tell you story about one of the people that Terry’s Closet recently assisted.

Story about Elizabeth

Elizabeth is one of the many people who was recently helped by the Northern California Chapter. Elizabeth was diagnosed with secondary-progressive MS in 2007, but like many people, may have had MS well before her actual diagnosis.

One of the keys to Elizabeth maximizing her well-being is maintaining her positive attitude. Elizabeth and her husband, Marty, stay active in their community, and Elizabeth provides peer support and connection by volunteering at the local community senior program. In addition, she assists this program with accessing important funding. Elizabeth also uses her artwork to make cards and calls them “Lemonade Greeting Cards” because when life gives her lemons, Elizabeth makes lemonade.

After years of living with MS and using a wheelchair, the process of Marty transferring her from a wheelchair into their vehicle became too difficult and unsafe for them to manage. They were both at risk for falling and were suffering from the physical stress. That’s when Elizabeth and Marty learned about an automated car seat that could extend and lower to street level, making it easy for Elizabeth to slide onto the seat and be raised back into the vehicle. This automated seat system was beyond their budget, so Elizabeth and Marty got busy finding help from community agencies including the National MS Society. After completing the Society’s two-page application, and submitting the supporting documents, Elizabeth and Marty were thrilled to learn they were approved for a substantial portion of the automated seat. Society staff worked closely with Elizabeth to gather all the funding needed, and were also able to get a portion reimbursed through Toyota’s mobility program.

Elizabeth can now continue to stay active in the community, volunteer and share her positive attitude of gratitude with friends old and new. Elizabeth said, “I feel blessed and surrounded by angels. This is going to continue to support my full and happy life”.

As you can see by Elizabeth’s story, this money directly affects the quality of life for those living with multiple sclerosis.

Through the MSGolfexperience and Auction, you have the opportunity to change someone’s life.

Thank you to all of you for participating in this event and for sharing our vision of a world free of MS.

Jacki Smoczynski representing the Northern California Chapter of the National MS Society, May 10th 2013.

Here is more of Terry’s Closet at work

"I am very thankful to Terry’s Closet for helping people like me that depend on a wheelchair to be able to move from one place to another, and be able to do things that without a wheelchair I am not able to achieve."

Esteban F, -Received $331.62 for wheelchair repairs

"Thank you so much for making it possible for Mikee and Johnny to get their beds. Mikee was struggling with so much pain… he wants you to know that his new bed feels like he is lying on a cloud. Johnny’s new bed allows positioning that improved his ability to eat… and reduced his susceptibility to aspiration pneumonia. We are so grateful to Terry’s Closet."

Teri P., mom of sons Miguel & John who are bedbound due to MS. They received funding for two hospital beds, allowing them to stay at home with their family, instead of having to live in a nursing home.

Miguel, -Received $500 of funding

John, -Received $1500 of funding. External funds were also leveraged from other agencies.

"We want to thank Terry’s Closet so much for the financial support in the battery situation. Our 15th wedding anniversary was October 8th and the batteries come that day – what a gift to remember, forever! Now I’m up every day, walking or not, to do my duties as a good wife, good neighbor, good relative, anything I can do. You are a breath of fresh air to me and my husband and now to the relatives I’ll be able to spend time with during the holidays; because I’ll be able to get around!"

Karen G., -Received $112.73 for new wheelchair batteries

"Many thanks to Terry’s Closet for providing generous help and support. I was able to purchase a device that has improved my quality of life."

Jon C., -Received $204 for a wheelchair seat cushion to avoid skin breakdown

"The walker that you have purchased for me is a highly invaluable tool that I am using to my benefit already. I feel so much safer (and therefore more relaxed!) walking with it. Thank you for all your efforts and Terry’s Closet! The process was easy and smooth."

Julie H., -Received $243 for a walker

"I always knew I lived in a special place. But I did not know it was heaven until I was surrounded by Angels. Thank you, thank you, thank you Terry’s Closet. You’ve expanded the world we lived in."

Elizabeth A., -Received $500 towards an auto modification for wheelchair transport.

"In the way of life in California I could never have imagined that a $500 donation from Terry’s Closet to purchase an outdoor chair for me would have brought out such greatness. I want to make sure you know your work and donation was so valued by me."

Traci M., -Received $500 towards an accessible swivel chair for outdoors

"On behalf of Dave and I, thank you very much for all the assistance you, Terry's Closet and National MS Society have provided us during our difficult time searching an additional fund for Dave's power wheelchair. We are very happy and thankful for your donation, it's just like dream come true. It is through your support and assistance, Dave is able to pay full the power wheelchair and achieve his goal to be more independent.

Your donation really change Dave's life forever and also relieve part of our burden.

We appreciate the information and advise that you have given and done to us as well as the connection you have shared with us."

Thank you so much, we sincerely appreciate your generosity,


"Thank you so much to the National MS and Terry's Loan Closet for helping fix my electric wheelchair. I can now enjoy long rides without worrying about breaking down somewhere."

Gloria Rennecke
Fair Oaks, CA

"I want to thank Terry's Closet and the financial assistance program for paying to have my lift fixed when I couldn't. I now can get in and out of my mobile home without having to worry about falling. The lift was broken for over a month because I couldn't pay to have it fixed. After contracting the MS Society – it was fixed within four days. I feel independent and free again with my lift fixed. Thank you a million times over for coming to my rescue."

Gratefully yours,
Sharon L. Tarkington
West Sacramento, CA

"Thank you Terry Rossman’s Loan Closet! I can leave the house now, and do what I haven’t done in years. You guys are awesome!"

Susan Dettloff,
Carmichael, CA

"Thank you Terry’s Loan Closet for making my life so much better. You have given me the opportunity to stay mobile and keep walking. Since I got the WalkAide I haven’t fallen once."

Danny Harrison,
Merced, CA